Predict the Future by Following the Cat Content

Hassan Karimi
3 min readMar 31, 2022


This post was originally published on The Web3 Voyage Newsletter on November 29, 2021.

What do the most successful websites have in common? Viral cat content. Maybe not every single one of them, but enough that it’s worth noting.

Many of the most used websites were once littered with cat content. Some of them, continue to honor their cat roots till this day. Think of the early days of YouTube where you might have come across Keyboard Cat, Nyan Cat, or any of the other thousands of cat videos. Back then YouTube was mainly a site for sharing entertaining videos and while that’s still a dominant use case, there is so much more to be found on YouTube from live shows to a tutorial on anything you want to know.

The original Keyboard Cat

Other sites like Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all had their moments of famous cat content. In 2012, Grumpy Cat made his debut on Reddit and has made many appearances on internet memes since then.

Grumpy Cat

Not to mention Buzzfeed, which shamelessly rose to popularity by broadcasting the most popular content on the internet. They quickly discovered the power of cat content and continued to promote and create cat content. Buzzfeed still uses Cat Power as its rating system for user generated content.


In 2017, the first major NFT project on the Ethereum blockchain was a game featuring — you guessed it — cats! The game was called Cryptokitties and allowed you to create and breed cats. The game was so popular and that the Ethereum network was suffering major slow down due to congestion caused by the game. At some point a some Cryptokitties were selling for over $100,000 and the project put NFTs on the map.

Zoom Cat Lawyer in Virtual Court

One of the most iconic moments of the whole pandemic took place in February 2021. A lawyer in a virtual court case found himself in a precarious situation where the cat filter was turned on camera and he appeared in a live courtroom as a cat! In a panic he uttered the phrase, “I am not a cat.”

Looking for the next big trend on the internet? Follow the cat content.

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