How Web3 Promises an Open Internet

Composability — How Web3 Advances the Promise of an Open Internet

Composability is an open decentralized model of creation that is flourishing in Web3. Instead of protecting works through IP laws, the value of work increases as more people build on top of it. In a sense, the stronger the meme, the more valuable the original becomes.

Web3 is Evolving Fast. Here are Some Podcasts to Stay Plugged In.

Podcasts are a great way to stay plugged in to what’s happening in Web3.

Vampire Attack — The Freedom to Steal Users in Web3

As I mentioned earlier, there are malicious activities that can also happen with this new open internet structure. One technique new Web3 companies are using has become known as a vampire attack. To be fair, these are not necessarily harmful to users, but they are method used to take users from an existing user base of another platform.



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Hassan Karimi

Hassan Karimi


UX/ product former architectural designer writing about building a creative practice in modern times